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Since its formation in 1996, Moody National Mortgage Corporation has consistently been one of the highest volume intermediaries of commercial real estate capital in the country — completing more than 200 transactions in 42 states, and providing $2 billion of debt, equity and structured financing.

As a result of our financial experience and borrower representation mentality, we can meet the debt and equity needs of almost any individual or institutional investor by offering them the most attractive debt and equity structure terms available.

At Moody National, we are experienced in structuring complex transactions, and we offer our clients many strategic advantages that are unmatched by most firms.

Our services include:

  • Developing a comprehensive financing strategy
  • Accessing sophisticated, professional funding sources; including life insurance companies, conduits, banks, thrifts, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, pension funds, REITs and individual investors
  • Providing clients with extensive experience to assist them in selecting a preferred lender on the most favorable terms
  • Providing assistance during the closing process to secure funding

Experienced In Structuring Complex Debt and Equity Transactions

Moody National Mortgage Group: Aggressively Representing Hotel Owners And Developers

As a result of our extensive contacts with conventional and non-conventional lenders, we have been providing attractive financing options to the hospitality industry since 1996.

Our Mortgage Group specializes in assisting borrowers seeking to acquire, develop or refinance hotel properties by offering them access to a full range of lending products and financing options designed specifically for the hotel industry.

Our Mortgage Group has previously been recognized as:

  • The top producer for the second largest investment bank in the United States
  • The top producer for the fastest growing investment bank in the United States
  • Producer of over 30% of the total regional volume for the 3rd and 4th largest investment banks in the United States

We specialize in arranging:

  • Senior debt
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Construction financing
  • Mini-Perm financing
  • Forward commitments
  • Equity financing
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