Customized Risk Management

In a fast-paced market that is constantly evolving, Moody National Insurance Agency provides services that cover three primary phases of the risk management process:

Moody National Insurance Agency reviews the risk profile of its clients and seeks to retain the optimal insurance policies to meet their property and casualty needs. We have worked to place policies with multiple major carriers across the industry.


Along with fortifying clients with the appropriate policies, Moody National Insurance Agency leverages its asset management resources to establish risk mitigation processes and procedures. The primary purpose for these processes is to maintain safety for employees and guests, but there is also a secondary benefit of reducing claims, which in terms reduces premiums.


Nevertheless, while we can reduce claims, we know that it is not possible to completely eliminate claims in any large, complex commercial real estate organization. Therefore, in the event that claims arise, Moody National Insurance Agency also works with clients on processing such claims with their insurance carriers.

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