Our Values

Beyond Business

Our values reflect the first sentence of the first chapter of Rick Warren’s best-selling book, The Purpose Driven Life: “It’s not about you.”

At Moody National, we see ourselves as more than just a company. We are here not only to better serve our clients and comrades, but also the communities and world, in which we reside.

We are in the real estate business and we do it, simply because we love it. But the benefits of our efforts go far beyond ourselves. They are for the clients we serve.

Leaving a legacy

As a firm, we are committed to adding value to the world. Starting locally and expanding regionally, we have a desire to impact our nation and beyond.  On both a personal and corporate level, Moody professionals are involved in numerous organizations and programs that strive to serve others.

Learning to serve

We dedicate our time, talents and treasures to areas where we feel we can make a difference.

We believe that the quality of life for an individual impacts every area of his or her influence. The more we focus on others, the more understanding and wisdom we gain. We believe that our personal character will ultimately determine our success in the business world.