Moody National Insurance

Institutional-Quality Properties for 1031 Exchanges

We advocate and practice a conservative, analytical investment philosophy. When we sponsor a Tennant in Common transaction, we do so with confidence that the property will not only meet our clients’ goals, but their expectations as well.

At Moody National, we are not securities dealers or wealth managers providing real estate investments as a sideline — we are experienced real estate professionals dedicated to sponsoring high-quality TIC transactions.

We sponsor assets with a tenant in common structure that allows investors to:

  1. Take advantage of the 1031 tax code in order to defer taxes;
  2. Acquire undivided interests in institutional-quality assets;
  3. Eliminate the burden of active management.

Investment Philosophy

As a leader in the emerging Tenant In Common (TIC) industry, we apply our real estate knowledge and financial expertise to evaluate every asset — bringing only the highest quality investment-grade properties to market.

Office, Industrial, Retail and Multi-Family Properties

Prior to sponsoring a property, our analysts source and review hundreds of possible deals. We only pursue those opportunities that meet our strict investment criteria:

  • Well-maintained class-A properties
  • Located along the East or West Coast or south of Interstate-70 (Sunbelt Region)
  • Located in a state ranked within the top quartile of U.S. population growth
  • Located within a major metropolitan population center with:
  • An expanding Federal/State employment base
  • A Major university
  • Exhibits signs of technical pressures indicating a future probability of increasing cash flow and asset preservation
  • Has stable and sustainable cash flow in place at time of acquisition

Hospitality Properties

Our review of the fundamentals within the hospitality industry convinces us that significant investment opportunities currently exist within this specialized market. And fortunately, the specific knowledge and industry contacts generated through the synergy with our Hospitality Group — a market leader in financing hospitality assets — gives us the tools and information necessary to exploit this attractive market.

In addition to requiring that the hospitality properties we sponsor meet the same rigorous criteria as our other sponsored assets, we require that our hotel acquisitions meet two additional standards:

  • Must be a “select-service business-class hotel”
  • Must be located within a submarket of a major metropolitan population center containing these multiple demand generators:
  • Within a high concentration of Office Buildings
  • At the gate of a major University
  • Near a Medical Center