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A Qualified Intermediary for Real Estate Transactions

How We Are Different

Moody stands out from other firms in the 1031 exchange space because we are supported by a full-service commercial real estate company with a passion for service. Among many other features, we are defined in these ways:

Simplicity and Commitment. Moody National Exchange was created with a single business principle in mind—aggressive service—which comes from our unwavering sense of urgency and commitment to excellence.

Experience. Our legal team has closed more than $2 billion in real estate transactions and have an in-depth understanding of the tax code to ensure that your transaction is managed with the highest level of integrity and service.

Safety and Security. All investor funds are deposited into regulated banking institutions and funds are readily available to you whenever you need them to complete your 1031 exchange.

How it works

  • Decide

    Decide to sell your property

  • Exchange

    Complete a successful 1031 exchange with Moody National Exchange as your qualified intermediary

  • Income

    Opportunity obtain income and diversification

Proceeds from the sale are transferred to the qualified intermediary at the time of closing. Within 45 days of the closing of the first relinquished property, you must identify your replacement property(ies). The total 1031 exchange period to close on new property(ies) is a maximum of 180 days.

Transaction Expertise

An industry leader for over two decades, Moody National has the experience, expertise and resources necessary to complete frequently complex 1031 exchange transactions. We are experts in all facets of tax-deferred strategies, including delayed, reverse, and multiple property exchanges.

Moody National Exchange has assembled a team of skilled professionals with legal, accounting and real estate experience who are committed to providing each client with the highest levels of service and attention.

As a division of Moody National Companies, a $2 billion full-service real estate firm with over 800 employees and 6 divisions, we are structured to handle the unique challenges of the 1031 exchange market.

A Qualified Intermediary

Moody National Exchange provides three vital functions to all of our 1031 exchange customers:

  • Preparing the documentation to complete a legal and valid exchange.
  • Working closely with clients, related parties, closing agents and attorneys to ensure that the closing process is simple and smooth.
  • Holding all 1031 exchange funds in a secure environment.


Moody National Exchange was created by a company of commercial real estate professionals in order to provide a service for its industry clients, with the goal of keeping costs low and the process simple.

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