Our Strength

Singleness of Purpose

All great companies have begun with a solitary focus, a single area of expertise that separates them from the competition and provides something of value to a market that has expressed a need. Sadly, over time many of these same firms over extend or allow their vision to waver in an attempt to be all things to all people.

At Moody National, we are committed to stay the course of our first calling—real estate.

We believe in American real estate. It has made our nation strong and even in down cycles has proven to deliver true value. That’s because when a man has land, he has something.

Heads held high

For nearly two decades—and, yes, we have experienced some roller coasters—we have consistently seen real estate produce on a number of levels. That’s why we are all in.

We watch other firms dabble in real estate and when they feel the pressure, they bail. On they go to what’s “hot” until they feel that market cool. This frenetic search all to often leaves a company without a heart or direction. And that’s also why when economies have gone sideways we are still able to hold our heads high with patience and presence to weather the storm.

circleA Circle of Strength

At Moody National Companies, we take a comprehensive approach to real estate development. From acquisition and distribution, to long-term investments and equity growth, our process involves all aspects of the real estate transaction.

Dollars In the Ground

By minimizing overhead and management fees, we make sure that our dollars reflect wise judgment and good insight. And we cut costs by involving ourselves in every aspect of the real estate industry. This allows us to manage and control expenses in a way that few other firms enjoy to the same extent. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that we have met and exceeded expectations for those that count on us.

A family of services

When it comes to real estate—­from investing and acquisition to development and management—we are known as a superior company because every day and in every way we seek to excel at each aspect of the process. To do this we involve ourselves in a wide range of activities, each touching an individual need or a universal one. These services include:

  • Real estate acquisition and disposition
  • Sponsoring 1031 Exchange and Tenant in Common transactions
  • Property management services
  • Hospitality asset management services
  • Securing and closing debt, equity and structured financing
  • Site selection and project development
  • Real estate equity investment opportunities