Moody National Management

Property and Hospitality Asset Management Services

Moody National Management Company provides its clients with innovative property and asset management services designed to maximize efficiencies while creating quality environments for tenants and superior returns for investors.

Through a commitment to “aggressive service” for investors and tenants alike, our Management Company has expanded from exclusively servicing Mr. Moody’s personal investments in 1991, to today employing over 500 highly-trained team members who manage almost $2 Billion worth of commercial real estate properties throughout the United States.

Moody National Management Company has experience overseeing the management of 3,706 apartment units, 932,545 square feet of office properties and 67 hospitality properties.

Our professional management team has the expertise to effectively manage:

  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Retail Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Hospitality Properties
  • Office Properties

Property Management Services: Aggressively Managing For Success

Moody National provides office and multi-family properties with a wide range of professional services that optimize their investment values by reducing operating costs while delivering quality environments for tenants.

Our property management methodology is based upon consistently applying our three-step “Building Blocks for Success” matrix to all properties under our management.

The building blocks for success:

  • Tenant Realization: to “Provide World Class Customer Service by Exhibiting an Unwavering Commitment to Excellence”
  • Employee Realization: to “Seek, Train and Retain” the best employees in the real estate management industry

Financial Realization:

  • Increase Revenue – Occupancy, Optimization
  • Decrease Expenses – Cost Control
  • Increase Cash Flow – Collections

Hospitality Asset Management Services: Specialized Service for Specialized Assets

Moody National provides asset management services to the highly-specialized hospitality industry. Acting as the owner’s representative, we manage complex investments to maximize profit and enhance investment value while maintaining standards appropriate to each property’s surrounding market.

Our asset optimization services include:

  • Negotiating service contracts
  • Establishing global purchase agreements
  • Reviewing, monitoring and reducing key operational expenses
  • Utilities
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Providing sophisticated treasury management services
  • Establishing life safety policies and procedures
  • Securing refinancing and debt restructuring